Featured Collection: University of Connecticut

Published on March 11, 2018

The University of Connecticut has contributed archival materials from 2 primary collections to Project Stand, including the Alternative Press Collection, a vast collection of periodicals and subject files relating to student activism from the 1960’s to present,  and the University of Connecticut Photographic Collection, which includes two linear feet of campus unrest images captured by university photographers from 1968-1974.

Featured Collection

UConn Free Press Vol.1#2 1969 Image: Cover from UConn Free Press, 1969 Collection: Alternative Free Press Collection Dates: 1960’s – present Description: Library collection of periodicals, subject files, pamphlets and ephemera relating to activism both on campus, in the state of Connecticut, as well as nationally and internationally Url: http://archives.lib.uconn.edu/islandora/object/20002%3A19920001?solr_nav%5Bid%5D=acaa30c7607c00b86e2c&solr_nav%5Bpage%5D=0&solr_nav%5Boffset%5D=0

Primary contact: Rebecca Parmer (bio); Graham Stinnett (bio)


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