STAND Second Residency

Highlights Archiving Joy and Trauma

5th Day

Zine Presentations

Our fellows had the opportunity during the residency to reimagine how we archive. The result? A stunning collection of zines. Titled “Reimagining How We Archive: Vulnerability, Transparency, and Community,” these zines are a testament to the power of storytelling, art, and collaboration. Over the course of the residency, our fellows poured their hearts and minds into crafting these unique publications, exploring new ways to document the human experience and the narratives of BIPOC communities.
The zines are a celebration of vulnerability—capturing moments of introspection and personal connection. Most importantly, they embody the spirit of community, reflecting the diverse voices and perspectives that made our residency so enriching.

2nd Day

Student Panelist Discussion

The second day of our Archiving Joy and Trauma: The Humanization of BIPOC Communities residency was nothing short of extraordinary. Our cohort of fellows had the privilege of engaging with inspiring student panelists who shared their remarkable experiences as student activists. These young leaders captivated the audience with their personal narratives, shedding light on the challenges, triumphs, and heartfelt moments that have shaped their journeys. Their stories resonated deeply, showcasing the incredible resilience, dedication, and passion that fuels student activism. They not only enriched our understanding of student organizing but also underscored the value of archiving the full human experience. Their stories were a testament to the importance of documenting the joy and trauma that black communities navigate, ensuring that their voices and experiences are heard and preserved.

Day 1

Syreeta Gates Opening Keynote Speaker

Syreeta Gates, gave an extraordinary keynote address. She took us through her journey from her childhood to where she is today, an extrememly talented filmmaker, writer, art collector, and archivist.

STAND Second Residency


Special Thanks

Mellon Foundation

We want to give a special thanks to the Mellon Foundation for their support, and the AUC Robert Woodruff library, including Loretta Parham, CEO and Director, and all of the AUC Woodruff Library staff that handled the logistics and helped to faclitate the activites for the fellows throughout the week. We would also like to thank Spelman college for their hospitality and hosting us for a day during the week.

Featured Collection


A Home Away From Home: The George A. Jackson Black Cultural Center, Exhibition, Special Collections, and University Archives, Iowa State University


In 2018 Project STAND received a $92,000 grant from IMLS. In 2021 Project STAND received a $750,000 grant from The Andrew Mellon Foundation.

Collection Assessments

Collections assessments received from 59 institutions.

Linear Feet

Approximately 5051 linear feet of archival material.


Project STAND has a total membership of 89 institutions and contributors across the country

Activism Topics

There are a total of 12 student activism topics that include African American/Civil Rights, Vietnam/Anti-War, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+, Asian American, and Latinx

Born Digital/Digitized

There are 238 collections that are born digital/digitized


Project STAND has given out more than $80,000 of microgrants for digitization projects at Howard, FISK, South Carolina State, Tulane, University of Colorado and Kentucky.


Project STAND is now 5 years old!

Project STAND Next General General Meeting 11/16/2023

Resources for Archivists

  • Archiving Student Activisim Toolkit
  • Documenting Student Activisim Without Harm
  • Glossary of Studnet Activism
  • Project STAND CVB

Thank You To Our Partners

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