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The Benefits of Joining Project STAND

Project STAND is a space where archivists across the country can discuss related projects, and share resources to help one another. Hear Jessica Ballard briefly discuss her experience.

Archiving student activism


Joining Project STAND allows you to become part of a community that believes in creating inclusive spaces celebrating marginalized communities’ stories. Project STAND provides opportunities to think innovatively about the ethical documentation of student organizers/student activists. -Lael Hughes Watkins, Founder

Symposium at URI

Our third symposium covered inclusivity in the documentation of student struggle, and brought together archivists, activists to discuss centering the marginal.

Symposium at Chicago State

Our second symposium was a merging of ideas from community and student activists of the past with activists and student activists of today. What a great fellowship and sharing of ideas amongst all of the attendees.

Symposium at AUC Woodruff Library

Our first symposium consisted of community activists, archivists, student organizers, student activists, researchers, and professors who brought their classes to this event!