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Our Story

Project STAND has become a community that includes archivists, memory workers, student organizers, and independent scholars dedicated to a movement that centers the voices and stories of historically marginalized student organizers. Project STAND utilizes a reparative archival praxis that requires creating inclusive spaces that celebrate the contributions of student organizers from BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. We promote the ethical documentation and celebration of the entire movement and its people. Archives. Social Justice. Analog. Digital.

Project STAND acknowledges the influence of the Black organizing tradition as the touchstone that has impacted social movements within other marginalized communities. However, activism in historically oppressed groups has many nuances unique to specific lived experiences, but we are ALL on the same quest for liberation.”

What We Do


Create a community for thoughtful discourse on the ethical documentation of student activism in marginalized communities


Develop and distribute a suite of educational resources to assist student organizers and archivists/memory workers in documenting activism in vulnerable communities


Assist in enhancing the discoverability and visibility of histories of student organizing in historically underdocumented student populations

Archival Profession

Assist in broadly impacting the archival profession by prompting a shift in collecting priorities and increase engagement with with student organizers

Project STAND Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

Project STAND just turned 5 years old in 2022. See what our members and contributers have to say about the impact of this consortia!

Project STAND 5 Year Anniversary

Our Mission & Approach

Project STAND is a radical grassroots archival consortia project between colleges and universities around the country; to create a centralized digital space highlighting analog and digital collections emphasizing student activism in marginalized communities. Project STAND aims to foster ethical documentation of contemporary and past social justice movements in underdocumented student populations. STAND advocates for collections by collaborating with educators to provide pedagogical support, create digital resources, hosts workshops and forums for students, information professionals, academics, technologists, humanists, etc. interested in building communities with student organizers and their allies, leading to sustainable relationships, and inclusive physical and digital spaces of accountability, diversity, and equity.


In 2018 Project STAND received a $92,000 grant from IMLS. In 2021 Project STAND received a $750,000 grant from The Andrew Mellon Foundation.

Collection Assessments

Collections assessments received from 59 institutions.

Linear Feet

Approximately 5051 linear feet of archival material.


Project STAND has a total membership of 89 institutions and contributors across the country

Activism Topics

There are a total of 12 student activism topics that include African American/Civil Rights, Vietnam/Anti-War, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+, Asian American, and Latinx

Born Digital/Digitized

There are 238 collections that are born digital/digitized (either fully or in part)


Project STAND has given out over $80,000 in microgrants for digital projects to Fisk, Howard University, Tulane, South Carolina state, University of Colorado and Kentucky.


Project STAND has been active for 5 years and celebrates it’s 5th year anniversary this year.

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