University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado at Boulder has shared materials and links from 16 archival collections with Project STAND, including:

Boulder Gay Liberation Collection: The collection consists of materials collected by University of Colorado at Boulder alum, Stanley Hohnholz, including material from the Boulder Gay Liberation, of which he was a member. These materials include newspaper clippings from Boulder/Denver area, pamphlets, fliers and posters from dances, events, and parties held by the Boulder Gay Liberation, including dances at Hidden Valley Ranch, meetings at Coffeehouse 5, and t-shirts. It also includes local publications such as issues of The Boulder Gay Record from 1971-1977, and other materials and publications from Boulder LGBTQ groups.

United Mexican American Students (UMAS): Records of the UMAS (now UMAS y MEChA) student organization from its founding at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1968 to 2018.

University President’s Office papers: Contains topical files and correspondence from the office’s establishment in Macky Auditorium in 1913 up to 1995. Subjects include Americanization, World War I, Klauder campus architecture, World War II, McCarthyism, In Loco Parentis, the transformation of the University into a research institution, the anti-Vietnam War student movement, the expansion of the University into four campuses, minority rights, gender equity, and methods used by the University to confront variations in State and Federal financial support. The papers contain correspondence and files relating to the Board of Regents, the four campuses, and the rising number of System Administration offices.

University Chancellor’s Office records: Papers contain the files, reports, correspondence, speeches, memoranda, and policies of the Chancellor’s Office, University of Colorado at Boulder. The four campus system was created at the University of Colorado in 1972 and began operations in 1974. These records officially date from 1974 to 1989, but contain some files and documents dating from the late 1960s which were brought forward on an issue by issue basis. The four campuses, Boulder, Denver, Health Sciences Center, and Colorado Springs, were given chancellors for local administration. The tasks of academic affairs, student affairs, and administration were passed to the chancellors, with the President’s Office initially holding back only external relations and budget and finance. The 1974-1989 papers reflects the attention given to affirmative action and , what was then called minority affairs, CCHE, Program Review, faculty salaries, capital construction and campus development.

University of Colorado at Boulder Police Department (CUPD) records: This collection consists of slides, photographs, log books, reports, notes and newspaper clippings documenting the campus police department. It includes reference to Chicano activism, African American activism, student activism, anti war protests, campus fires among other incidents such as burglaries, assaults, and safety issues. Photographs also document police officers and sergeants at work.

El Diario de la Gente collection: El Diario de la Gente is an independent Chicano student newspaper that was published bi-weekly by the United Mexican American Students (UMAS) at the University of Colorado from 1972-1980. The publication covered issues and concerns of the Chicano/a community both on campus and throughout Colorado. The collection also includes one special edition of the newspaper that was published in September 2019 in honor of the unveiling of the Los Seis de Boulder commemorative sculpture on campus on 2019 September 6.

University Faculty Senate records: The University of Colorado Faculty Senate Collection was donated by Professor Albert Bartlett of the University Senate and consists of Executive Committee minutes, Faculty Senate minutes, correspondence, memorandums, newspaper clippings, committee papers, and Faculty Senate decisions, from 1908 to 1985. The collection also contains papers from individual Faculty Senate committees, such as, the Academic Planning Committee, Budget Committee, Convocation Committee, Minority Affairs Committee, Personnel Committee, and the Student Affairs Committee.

Secretary of the Board of Regents: These papers from the office of the Secretary of the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado, the official elected governing board of the University, contain agendas of board meetings, mailings to the board members, correspondence, files on the awards and honorary degrees awarded by the Board, and the papers related to various issues filed by subject (plus a small restricted series). While some of the materials date from as early as 1919 and as late as 1996, the bulk of the collection is from the 1970s and 1980s. The minutes of the official meetings are not included as they are available separately.

University of Colorado Board of Regents minutes: The University of Colorado and it’s governing body, the Board of Regents, established by the Constitution of the State of Colorado in 1876. This collection consists of the minutes and the exhibits appended to the minutes for the years between 1876 and 1997.

Vice President for Student Affairs: Papers of the University of Colorado Central Administration, Vice President of Student Affairs. Includes substantial consolidated papers (1947-1962) of the offices of Dean of Men, Dean of Women, Dean of Students, Student Activities, Student Affairs, all of which had been consolidated under V.P. for Student Affairs and its successors from 1963 to 1974. After 1974, student affairs became a function of the various chancellors’ offices. The papers include an alphabetical subject file with substantial papers on campus publications, disciplinary policies, student protest, and housing; an organizational file with campus clubs, groups, honoraries, societies, and political associations; and a greek file on fraternities and sororities. The papers of the World War I Student Army Training Corps (1918-1919) were saved within these papers. Also included are files on the activities of the C.U. chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a student group which protested C.I.A recruitment, the Vietnam War, and R.O.T.C. on the C.U. Campus from 1967 to 1970.

University of Colorado Faculty Council collection: The Faculty Council Collection contains papers from the Executive Committee, Chair’s records, secretary’s records, agendas and minutes, correspondence, and alphabetical files. The Faculty Council was formed in 1967 as a result of a growing campus, a greatly enlarged number of faculty and lack of participation in the Faculty Senate. The questions facing faculty governance had grown in complexity and did not match the cumbersome structure of the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Council worked with the students and gave more power to the faculty over university governance. In 1974, when the University of Colorado split into four campuses, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, and the Health Sciences Center, the Faculty Council was dominated by the Boulder campus. The Colorado Springs, Denver, and Health Sciences Center all formed their own faculty assemblies. In 1976, the Faculty Council formed the Boulder Faculty Assembly, which assumed many of the duties previously preformed by the Council.

University of Colorado Executive Vice President: Papers of the University of Colorado Central Administration, Executive Vice President. The office of Executive Vice President has only been of intermittent tenure ( 1973-1975, I 989- I 993, and 1994-), growing out of, and retiring back into, other Vice Presidential offices. Includes substantial consolidated papers (I 960s- I 974, I 970s-l 992) as the three Executive Vice Presidents, Roland C. Rautenstraus, J. Russell Nelson and Theodore Volsky, Jr., tended to carry for.vard papers from previous administrative posts.

Boulder Campus Staff Council records: The Boulder Campus Staff Council collection consists of records, correspondence, and scrapbooks from the Boulder Campus Staff Council. The years of the material range from 1962 to 2005. The bulk of the collection is made up of minutes from the Staff Council meetings, most of which are housed in binders.

University of Colorado Boulder Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for the Boulder Campus of the University of Colorado, first appears in the University of Colorado Student Directory in 1974, as part of a general restructuring of the University of Colorado into a four campus system. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Collection contains mostly academic and administrative records regarding the colleges, departments, and centers of Boulder Campus, 1970-1987.

University of Colorado Boulder Publicity Offices collection: This collection contains material received from several University of Colorado departments that have provided publicity and public relations services to the University, including photography, publicity publications, film and video, news and other media. Although there were many changes to the department name and structure, the core services have remained the same.

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