Highlights of project stand's first symposium

The first forum in this four-part series began with a dialogue that assessed the significance of documenting student activism within contemporary movements of social injustice impacting marginalized communities and with those directly engaging in this work—student activists. The first symposium was composed of three panels, primarily student leaders from various intersectionalities, who provided the context into why they have taken on activist labor and the challenges surrounding this role in academic structures. The forum included information professionals from academia, traditional libraries, and community archives, who discussed issues of privacy, preservation, access, and sustainability in documenting student activism. This forum concluded with two-paper presentations and a review of Project STAND’s initiatives meant to democratize archives in academic spaces.


Speakers and Panelists

quotes from symposium

Question: Challenges you face as a student activist

Ginnette Rhodes

“Being a student at an institution you are very vulnerable; your grades, financial aid, etc. when you are standing for something that is opposed to the university, challenge itself. A lot of braveness to go against the very thing that’s providing for you…”

First Symposium Program