Residency Modules – archived

Project STAND and the AUC Woodruff Library hosted a one-week virtual residency September 13-17. The residency included Ashby Haywood Combahee, Highlander, and Education Center in New Market, TN, Angela Dixon, Georgia State University Library, V. Dozier, University San Diego, Kevin J. Hales, University of Missouri, Tyler Moore, Prairie View Texas A&M University, and Brandon Nightingale, Bethune Cookman-University, who created online educational resources inspired by the Archiving Student Activism toolkit.

The resources are geared toward building an ecosystem of care, including knowledge sharing and collaborative learning between a network of information professionals who have expressed an interest and commitment to ethically engaging with student organizers.

The theme for our first residency was: Archiving in Black: Student Organizing at HBCU’s and Cross-Cultural Movements.

This section will roll out a series of educational resources throughout 2021 created by our fellows during our first residency. During the first residency, our phenomenal fellows created resources focusing on privacy and digital archiving.

5 THINGS Infographic

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Intake meeting with student organizer/organization

The following sample document serves as a potential template for discussion between an archivist/memory worker and a student organizer. The document provides a path for ethical and transparent discourse, specifically for vulnerable communities concerned for their personal well-being related to the documentation, preservation, and access of records about their on-campus/off-campus activism.

InTake Meeting Document PJS

Privacy consent form

The following form will assist with records that may include sensitive materials related to student organizing. The form gives students the ability to outline privacy/restriction concerns when submitting records to College/University Archives or other institutions.

Privacy Consent Form