Project STAND is a radical grassroots archival consortia project between colleges and universities around the country; to create a centralized digital space highlighting analog and digital collections emphasizing student activism in marginalized communities. Project STAND aims to foster ethical documentation of contemporary and past social justice movements in underdocumented student populations. STAND advocates for collections by collaborating with educators to provide pedagogical support, create digital resources, hosts workshops and forums for students, information professionals, academics, technologists, humanists, etc. interested in building communities with student organizers and their allies, leading to sustainable relationships, and inclusive physical and digital spaces of accountability, diversity, and equity.


Create a community for thoughtful discourse on the ethical documentation of student activism in marginalized communities

Develop and distribute a suite of educational resources to assist student organizers and archivists/memory workers in documenting activism in vulnerable communities

Assist in enhancing the discoverability and visibility of histories of student organizing in historically underdocumented student populations

Provide an understanding of the role of student activists in the trajectory of academic institutions and their cultural development

Assist in broadly impacting the archival profession by prompting a shift in collecting priorities and increase engagement with student organizers


  • Archivists and memory workers
  • Student activists and organizers
  • Educators/Researchers/Historians