University of California Los Angeles- Los Angeles Communities and Cultures

images3UCLA Special Collections & Archives has contributed two collections to Project Stand from Collecting Los Angeles, a collecting initiative which places an emphasis on broadly defined communities whose history was overlooked but crucial to understanding the development of the metropolis. L.A. Youth Newspapers and Papers contains the photographs, publications, and digital materials of the independent student-written publication L.A. Youth, which ran from 1989 to 2013. It was the largest teen-run newspaper in the United States, known for tackling controversial topics like gang violence, mental illness, teen homelessness, partner abuse, and other underrepresented  topics in L.A.’s youth communities.  More information on the collection can be found here

In addition to the L.A. Youth collection, UCLA-LACC has also contributed materials from the Rosalío Muñoz Collection, a Chicano journalist, activist, and longtime member of the Communist Party. Muñoz served as UCLA’s first Chicano Student Body President, and is mostly remembered for spearheading the 1970 Chicano Moratorium Committee as Co-Chair. This collection covers his participation in the Communist Party USA from the 1970s to present through materials such as self-authored People’s World articles, newsletters, notebooks, notes, and ephemera. The remaining collection historicizes various community organizing efforts from the 1960s-present such as Human Services Coalition, Justice for Janitors, and Latinos for Peace through photographs, correspondence, research materials, clippings, notes, and ephemera. Please use this link to access the collection guide for more information.

Primary contact: Heather Briston (bio); Dalena Hunter (bio)