Data Visualization Web Developer

AUC Woodruff Library & PROJECT STAND

Contractor: Data visualizations web developer

Statement of Work

Nature and Scope of Project

This project is designed to address the needs of the Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library and Project STAND (customers), specifically for data visualizations web development for one year. All work will be done remotely in coordination with Customers, primary web developer, and Website and Digital Initiatives (WDI) Team. Must be available for monthly meetings (twice a month).

Term of Agreement

The term of this Agreement will begin effective September 2022 through September 2023 and will remain in full force and effect until the completion of the Services, subject to earlier termination as provided in this Agreement. The Term of this Agreement may be extended by mutual written agreement of the Parties, modified, or terminated as outlined in clause below.


For the services rendered by the Data Visualizations Web Developer as required, the Customer will provide compensation to the Service Provider at $2,083.33 monthly for one year. Compensation shall not exceed $25,000 total. The Compensation will be payable in USD (US Dollars) on a monthly basis, while this Agreement is in force.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Efficient with Visualization tools like Tableau (preferred)
  • Familiarity with Omeka S
  • Familiarity with WordPress
  • Efficient with PHP, CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with R programming language
  • Ability to do storyboards/create cohesive storytelling through data
  • Ability to do archival research

Scope of Work

  • Work and collaborate with the Customers, primary web developer, and WDI team, to include
  • monthly and quarterly progress meetings with project staff.
  • Construct visualizations that can depict vast amounts of data regarding archival collections
  • Create timelines utilizing archival collections from various institutions
  • Directly contribute to feature design, architecture and implementation.
  • Responsible for development of new highly responsive, web-based user interface.
  • Learn and understand user interactions.
  • Develop a flexible and well-structured front-end architecture, along with the APIs to support it.
  • Assist in general maintenance of Project STAND website.
  • Assist with other related responsibilities of the Project STAND Website & Digital Initiatives Team as determined.

Deadline for Letter of Interest: Until filled

Start Date: September 7, 2022

AUC Robert Woodruff Library and Project STAND is committed to equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, etc.

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