Kent State University

Kent State University has submitted 8 manuscript collections for Project STAND. The centerpiece of the Kent State material is the May 4 Collection, which includes over 300 cubic feet of primary source material documenting the May 1970 Kent State Shootings. A companion piece to this collection, also submitted for the project, is the Kent State Shootings Oral Histories Project, which includes over 125 oral histories on various topics related to the May 4 shootings. A second primary focus area of the Kent State materials is for the student organization Black United Students, represented by documents in 4 separate collections, including the organizational files of Black United Students, The Lafayette Tolliver Collection, The Edward and Shirley Crosby Papers, and the Black Watch Newsletter collection. Additional contributions from Kent State include student activities files from the Robert I. White Papers, university president from 1963-1971, as well as materials from the LGBTQ Student Center, documenting activities and programs from 1977-2016.

Featured Collection

Fred Ahmed Rally

Image: Fred “Ahmed” Evans Rally

Collection: Lafayette Tolliver Photographs (digital collection)

Dates: 1967-1971

Description: Lafayette Tolliver is a Kent State University alumnus who attended the university from 1967-71, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in photojournalism. He served as a photographer and columnist for the Chestnut Burr yearbook and the Daily Kent Stater campus newspaper. He was often called upon as an informal photographer for many activities sponsored by black student organizations, during his tenure at Kent State and served as one of the founding members of Black United Students (BUS). Tolliver donated his collection of prints and negatives to Kent State University Special Collections and Archives in January 2014. The collection includes the most significant visual historiography of black student life at Kent State.