Arizona State University – old

Arizona State University lends an important voice to Project STAND through their collections documenting Chicano and Mexican-American student advocacy groups, including select materials from the MASO/M.E.Ch.A organizational records, and the Rebecca Munoz Gutierrez Photographic Collection, which documents the early activities of the first Mexican-American student group, (the Conquistadores), with materials dating back to 1920. Other highlights of the ASU submissions include the Papers of Harry M. Bracken, a faculty member active in organizing ‘Teach-Ins” and students in protest of the Vietnam War, the B.J. Budd Memorial Archives/Free Sprit Club, documenting LGBT history at ASU, and the Naomi Markee-Howard Papers, a campus leader for minority recruitment and retention at ASU as well as a strong community advocate on behalf of the elderly and the physically and mentally challenged.

Featured Collection


Image: Los Conquistadores Breakfast, undated

Collection: Rebecca Muñoz Gutierrez Photographs

Dates: 1920-1959

Description: Rebecca Muñoz attended Arizona State Teachers College, graduating on May 30, 1939 with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. During her time at the college she and siblings Rosalio (BA 1936, MA 1939), Lucinda (BA 1939), Elizabeth (BA 1953), and Josephine (BA 1941) were early and active members of Los Conquistadores. This club was organized by Mexican-American students in 1937 to promote education in their communities and thus improve socio-economic conditions and combat racism and discrimination. It is recognized as the first Mexican-American student club formed at the College.


Primary Contacts: Shannon Walker (bio); Jessica Salow (bio)