Archives 1/30/2018

Project STAND Minutes

Date: January 30, 2018

Time: 11:00AM (EST).

Present: Lae’l Hughes-Watkins (Kent State University), Raquel Flores-Clemons (Chicago State), Eira Tansey (University of Cincinnati), Michelle Sweetster (Bowling Green State University), Shannon Walker (Arizona State University), Trevor Watkins (Kent State University), Ken Grossi (Oberlin College), Vic Fleischer (University of Akron), Sammie Morris (Purdue University), Helen Conger (Case Western University), Aprille McKay (University of Michigan) , Anna Trammell (University of Illinois), Karen Walton Morse (University of Rhode Island), Chris Wydman (Wright State University), Dina Kellams (Indiana University), Tamara Rhodes(UC San Diego).

Updates were given on new advisory board members, Jarrett M. Drake, Ph.D. Student, Anthropology Department, Harvard and Andrea Jackson, Director of Black Metropolis Research Consortium in Chicago. Advisory board agreed (Lae’l Hughes-Watkins, Tamar Chute, Michelle Sweetser, Helen Conger, Anna Trammell, Elizabeth Smith-Pryor and Ken Grossi) to expanding membership to include voices that will provide critical connections to a broader community of advocates that will help strengthen STAND’s objectives. Dr. Athena Jackson, Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair, and Head of Special Collections and Interim University Archivist at Penn State University, also became the new contact for the institution.

  • Communications Committee

Ken Grossi (Oberlin College) and Lae’l reported that press releases to all partners and to ALAO, which was immediately published. Michelle Sweetster (BGSU), editor for SAA’s blog Academic Archivist has solicited a blog post on STAND for an upcoming edition in spring. Lae’l also mentioned that a proposal was accepted on Project STAND at the National Forum on Ethics and Archiving the Web for March 22-24 at Newseum in NYC. on Ethics and Archiving the Web for March 22-24 at Newseum in NYC. Flores-Clemons suggested we move toward having a social media presence, as it is a tool to make communities more aware of our efforts and to help solidify branding. Lae’l mentioned that Anna Trammell (Illinois) started working on branding and would connect both Anna and Raquel.

  • Web Committee

Chris Wydman (Wright State) and Trevor Watkins (Kent State) reported that modifications would be made to navigation (e.g. list of participating institutions will no longer be a drop-down menu.) Trevor also shared that a web committee phone conference will be called in the next few weeks. Lae’l mentioned that some assessment forms did not include URLs for collections that were processed and stated an email would go out asking whether it was an oversight by those specific organizations.

  • Grants Committee

Lae’l  provided an update on the IMLS Forum grant being submitted February 1. University Illinois (represented by Anna Trammell) agreed to serve as fiduciary for the grant. Lae’l thanked the grant committee (Vic Fleischer, Eira Tansey, Helen Conger, Jacky Johnson and Michelle Sweetser) for their help with drafting the grant with appreciation specifically to Fleischer for assisting in the early drafting stages and for Raquel Flores-Clemons for serving as an additional reader. Hughes-Watkins also summarized phone conference with representatives from Reveal held with myself and Tamar Chute (OSU) at the end of fall semester in 2017. Reveal may be a crowdsourcing funding model to be visited in the future. Partners were encouraged to review Reveal’s goals, objectives, and projects.

  • Student Engagement Committee

Eira Tansey (University of Cincinnati) shared notes from Student Engagement Committee (SEC). Some of the key responses developed from committee included the coordination of student panelists at future STAND forums per IMLS grant. Jessica Ballard (University of Illinois). Please click here for full report. Tamara (UC San Diego) suggested STAND consider a usability study of the website with a student focus group as something that could be conducted by the SEC.

Adjourned: 12:05 p.m. EST

Added Note: On February 6 during a phone conference with Athena Jackson (Penn State), she made a suggestion for a social media policy to be created before deploying any social media platforms.