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Date: October 18, 2018


Project STAND meeting minutes 2018.10.18

  • First Symposium: AUC Woodruff Library
    • CFP have gone out, RSVP’s for event being accepted
    • The keynote with Meredith will be conversational
    • First two panels student-centered, other panel feature expert on historical context [Speakers are Meredith Evans, SAA President, Bergis Jules and Ed Summers, DocNow, Holly Smith, College Archivist for Spelman,
    • Livestream is scheduled for all for forums? Yes
    • Student Engagement Committee—update by Eira T., meeting, Oct. 12th , confirmed 3 student speakers or very nearly 90 percent confirmed. Sarah T. from AUC is working with some questions internal to the committee—a recent alumni on whether they will be the 6th panelist is being discussed, by the end of the month SEC hopes to have panelists locked down
  • OSU serving as Institutional Repository
  • Second Symposium: the University of Rhode Island, working on a speaker
  • Carnegie Mellon grant? Connecting strong digital collections, data collection, will work with Stanford on a meeting
  • Collection assessment request, can we add to what was previously submitted? Yes!
    • Collection by theme, LGBTQ collection examples, summary being completed by Helen Conger
    • Next themes to consolidate are African American then anti-war
    • Controlled vocabulary for future survey assessment? (Shannon from ASU and Valencia from Princeton willing to help). – Lae’l will provide access to the survey tool
    • Engaging with data graphic, usability study
  • Resources, need to add to list, submit to the Web team
  • How is Project STAND being utilized by different institutions?
  • Presentations, creating modules for teaching?

Next meeting November 27th 2:30-3:30 p.m.

Submitted by: Shannon Walker, Arizona State University