Advisory Board Minutes

STAND Advisory Board Minutes (Current)

Date: November 9, 2017

Present: Tamar Chute, Lae’l Hughes-Watkins, Elizabeth Smith-Pryor, Anna Trammell

Absent: Helen Conger and Ken Grossi


Discussion of Roles on Advisory Board (expanding board in the future)


Board discussed expansion as Project STAND expands, to ensure that there is representation from each region of the country.


Group discussed a need for defined roles of advisory board members; who will serve as overall leadership on issues of Ethics in conjunction with sub-committees, who will help as overall leadership on grants, administrative role/project management, communications, etc.


Lae’l highlighted the desired role of the historian(s). The goal being for STAND advisory board historians to provide additional context and give guidance on where STAND and participating partners may have gaps in collections, to provide discourse on areas where cultural heritage institutions may not be familiar with within the area of student engagement in the area of activism about marginalized communities. Elizabeth felt shared that the historians’ role will be impacted by the outcomes/products of STAND.


Elizabeth discussed her work with the Brooklyn Historical Society in connecting with academics/K-12 and working with primary source materials in the classroom and the importance of reviewing current trends in scholarship.


Tamar mentioned a similar model at OSU with the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center and efforts to have teachers create curricula using these resources, adhering to Ohio’s Common Core Standards.


Next Steps for STAND (goals, outcomes/publicity)


Press Release is ready to go and has been shared with partners. Advisory board is asking partners to share through proper channels before we submit the press release to media outlets.


Anna mentioned that STAND should update its welcome packets for new partners. She highlighted the need for clear branding, suggested we create the boilerplate language for partners to use on social media platforms and to include the press release. Michelle added to increase the number of responses for questionnaires that we switch from .doc to Survey Monkey or Google Survey, which is currently being used for STAND assessments. It was agreed that an updated packet be created by the end of November along with an updated press release that will allow partners to add their names into content. Tabled discussion on outcomes, will need to share latest comments with an advisory board.


Funding Opportunities


Michelle discussed Reveal as a potential funding opportunity for Project STAND.

Reveal Several Big 10 Universities are part of REVEAL. Tamar agreed to look into OSU’s efforts in addition to Illinois. Potential umbrella for the project: Diversity and Dissent: Civil Society in 20th century America. It was agreed to share at general partner’s meeting on Nov. 14 to get feedback.


The meeting concluded at 2:10 p.m.