LGBTQ+ Collections

The Michigan Daily, September 09, 1982 (vol.93, issue 1) Courtesy of the University of Michigan Library. This collection was digitized in collaboration of the Michigan Daily and the Board for Student Publications.

Full and Partial

Below is an alphabetized list of LGBTQ+ collections (Both full and partial).

The University of Michigan  has contributed two LGBTQ+ collections for Project STAND, including the images in this section from the Michigan Daily.

LGBTQ+ Collections (Full and Partial)

Collections Button Legend:

Go To Collection – Collection is digitized and is accessible.

Physical Collection – It is either not currently digitized or is not made accessibleto the public.

Unprocessed Collection – Collection is at the Institution but is not available because it has not been processed.


Activist Student Organizations

Activist Student Organizations, 1965-1972 (University of Virginia)

Alliance of Queer Undergraduates at Duke (AQUADuke)

Alliance of Queer Undergraduates at Duke (AQUADuke), 1973-1995 (Duke University)

Alternative Press Collection

Alternative Press Collection, 1960s- present (University of Connecticut)

BJ Bud Memorial Archives

BJ Bud Memorial Archives, 1966-2015 (Arizona State University)

Black Students for Liberation Records

Black Students for Liberation Records, 2015-present (University of Illinois)

Campus Environment Team Records

Campus Environment Team Records, 1990-1994 (Arizona State University)

Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support (CUTES) Records

Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support (CUTES) Records, 2013-2017 (University of Illinois)

Communications & Marketing Photograph Collection

Communications & Marketing Photograph Collection, 1966-present (Wright State University)

Faculty Senate Records

Faculty Senate Records, 1891-2014 (Stanford University)

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Support Services Office Records

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Support Services Office Records, 1989-2004 (Indiana University)

Gay Liberation Groups Records

Gay Liberation Groups Records, 1972-1986 (Case Western Reserve University)

GradQ. Records

GradQ. Records, 2015-2017 (Stanford University)

The Guardian Newspaper Collection

The Guardian Newspaper Collection, 1965-present (Wright State University)

Homophiles of Penn State Records

Homophiles of Penn State Records, 1965-1979 (Penn State University)

Instagram Collection (Archive-It)

Instagram Collection (Archive-It), 2017-2018, (Stanford University

Jan Waggoner Suter Papers

Jan Waggoner Suter Papers, 1954-1985 (University of Toledo)

Joseph A. Labadie Collection

Joseph A. Labadie Collection, 1850-present (University of Michigan)

Kevin Bailey Collection

Kevin Bailey Collection, 1976-1990 (Texas A&M- Cushing Library)

LGBTQ Resource Center Records

LGBTQ Resource Center Records, 2008-2017 (Purdue University)

LBGTQ + Student Alliance Records

LBGTQ + Student Alliance Records, 1994-2015 (Purdue University)

LGBTQ Student Center records

LGBTQ Student Center records, 2010-present (unprocessed) (Kent State University)

LGBTQIA+ Activism and Protests

LGBTQIA+ Activism and Protests, 1980s-present (Denison University)

The Michigan Daily

The Michigan Daily, 1890-present (Univ. of Michigan/ Bentley Historical Library)

News Service Audiovisual Records

News Service Audiovisual Records, 1936-2011 (Stanford University)

Occupy Purdue Movement Records

Occupy Purdue Movement Records, 2017 (Purdue University)

Philosophy Talk

Philosophy Talk, 2002-2014 (Stanford University)

Queer Resources Center Records

Queer Resources Center Records, 1972-2016 (Stanford University

Stanford RISes: Conversations on Race, Inequality, Sexuality and Gender Records

Stanford RISes: Conversations on Race, Inequality, Sexuality and Gender Records, 2014 (Stanford University)

Student Activities Files

Student Activities Files, 1980-2015 (University of Virginia)

Student Council Papers

Student Council Papers, 1969-1972 (University of Virginia)

Student Organizations Website Collection (Archive-It)

Student Organizations Website Collection (Archive-It), 2016-2018 (Stanford University)

Student Publications

Student Publications, 1960’s-present (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive

Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive, 1960’s-present (University of California-San Diego)

Tom and Tom Collection

Tom and Tom Collection, 1972-1990 (Texas A&M- Cushing Library)

Trans &. Records

Trans &. Records, 2017 (Stanford University)

Twitter Collection (Archive-It)

Twitter Collection (Archive-It), 2018 (Stanford University)

University Committee on the Admission of Women

University Committee on the Admission of Women, 1965-1970 (University of Virginia)

Virginia Weekly

Virginia Weekly, 1969-1972 (University of Virginia)

Women’s Student Union Records

Women’s Student Union Records, 1974-1984 (University of Illinois)