Guidelines for Paper Authors and Presenters

If you have been accepted or invited to present a paper at the Project STAND symposium at AUC Woodruff these guidelines are for you.

All papers should reflect in some way the conference theme: The Rise of Student Activism in the Age of Social Media.

Submitting your paper

Deadline for submission of symposium papers: January 30, 2019 (to ensure availability in the Stand Digital Library before the Symposium.) Early submission is encouraged.

Please ensure you complete the author permission form as soon as you can, with the accurate title of your paper. Please note that Project STAND cannot publish your paper in the STAND Digital Library without your advanced permission.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to attach a CC BY 4.0 license to your work.

NOTE: if you need to make a minor change (correct typos, change author’s email address, institution name, etc.) to a form that you have already submitted, please send a message to and we will make the correction for you.

Major change: If you need to add/replace/correct the name of an author or change a presentation title, please submit a new form.