Archiving Student Activism Toolkit

The Archiving Student Activism Toolkit Committee (ASATC) must be attuned to the shifting needs of student organizers and archivists/memory workers and try to stay on top of trends and social movements taking place in vulnerable and marginalized student populations. (ASATC) will assist in building out modules for the toolkit that may intersect with the needs of the Educator’s Toolkit. Committee members will make recommendations for updates to the toolkit and will generate annual forms and interviews as tools to gather data on the strengths and weaknesses of the toolkit.

Valencia Johnson (Chair)

Jennifer Williams

Kevelis Matthews-Alvarado

Lydia Tang

Maggie McNeely

Micha Broadnax

Patrick R. Wallace

Ruth Bryan

Tatiana Bryant

Collections Assessment Committee

The Collections Assessment Committee (CAC) will play a critical role in reviewing the data from the collection assessments. The CAC will make recommendations for new areas of data collection for the assessment form. But CAC must also review data to unpack what is revealed by the assessments—what areas potentially are the weakest areas of collection within the consortium, what are the strongest areas of collection development? The group will work with the WDI team on recommendations for data visualization. The group must also keep up with what new/old members have not submitted an assessment form. They will also need to work in collaboration with the Collection Features Committee and make recommendations on what collections should be highlighted.

Shannon Walker (Chair)

Richard Bernier (Co-Chair)

Alissa Funderburk

B. Lynn Whitfield

Chris wydman

Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez

Jehan Sinclair

Jennifer Williams

Ken Grossi

Liz Jones-Minsinger

Patrick R. Wallace

Collection Features Review Committee

The members of the Collection Features Review (CFR) group will have the opportunity to advocate for and highlight the collections within the consortia. The committee should highlight six collections a year. The committee will work with the archivist/memory workers curating the collection to do an interview and gather more information/context for each collection. Each collection highlight must include image(s) for each collection review). The interviews will be highlighted on the main page and added to Project STAND’s blog. CFR will also highlight any upcoming exhibitions by consortia members.

Alissa Rae Funderburk (Chair)

Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez

Erin Lawrimore

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee will work with closely with the Project STAND Coordinator to generate content for the following Project STAND platforms:

·   Instagram

·   Twitter

·   Mailchimp

·   Blog

This committee will be the vessel for all the other committees to communicate items to be included on our platforms or potential recommendations for agenda items. The Communications Committee will assist with promoting Project STAND events/activities to other listservs and social media channels of interest.

Tamar Chute (Co-Chair)

Ashlyn Velte

Leanna Barcelona

Educator’s Toolkit Committee

The Educator’s Toolkit Committee (ETC) will rely heavily on utilizing the Archiving Student Activism Toolkit to build out resources for its toolkit. The Educator’s Toolkit will also rely on the collections highlighted within the consortia and building out theme resources based on holdings with Project STAND members based on the collection assessments. The toolkit will utilize a critical pedagogy approach.  The toolkit should include the following:

·   Reference to specific collections

·   Reference to peer reviewed publications

·   Social media (Medium, YouTube, related Twitter accounts to follow, Instagram accounts)

·   Books and other relevant print publications

Carli Lowe (Chair)

Mary M Manning (Co-Chair)

Angela D. Stewart

Jennifer Williams

Grants Committee

The grants committee is responsible for identifying relevant grants for Project STAND in alignment with its goals and objectives. The grants committee will assist in writing the grants and help in creating a grants writing sub-committee for each grant. The committee will sometimes work in tandem with the Special Projects Committee.

Nicholas Graham (Chair)

Lauren Zuchowski Longwell

Orientation Committee

The orientation committee will communicate with all new members. The committee will generate all communications to new members and assist in providing an orientation process for new members, including providing access to necessary forms, providing updates on current projects, and current committee needs. The committee will work with the advisory board and the website committee.

Greg Bailey*

Katie Nash^

Tamar Chute^

Outreach and Engagement Committee

The Outreach and Engagement Committee(OEC) will help mediate requests for internships, volunteer opportunities, project collaborations (inside/outside Project STAND consortium), and may assist with programming ideas during a grant cycle. OEC may also work with the Communications team to identify listservs, organizations, institutions, and various other channels to share out information regarding Project STAND.

Leanna Barcelona

Sarah Calise

Special Projects

The Special Projects Committee is charged with stewarding special initiatives within Project STAND, including The Demands Project and Solidarity Statements Project. The committee will help determine the scope, collection methods, and organization of projects as they arise.

Alissa Rae Funderburk^

Aprille McKay

Carli Lowe^

Greg Bailey*

Jehan Sinclair

Jessica Ballard^

Micha Broadnax

Student Engagement Committee

The Student Engagement Committee is charged with liaising with students interested in getting involved with Project STAND, increasing student participation and retention, and developing strategies to incorporate the perspectives of student activists in our work generally.

Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez

Donna Baker*

Jennifer Williams

Jessica Ballard^

Kevelis Matthews-Alvarado

Leanna Barcelona

Sarah Calise

Web and Digital Initiatives Committee

The purpose of the Web and Digital Initiatives Committee is to design and update the STAND site by uploading minutes, presentations, blogs, collection assessment data, partnership profiles, etc and to inform the advisory board of any technical needs and concerns pertaining to the maintenance and sustainability of the STAND site. WDI is also responsible for providing bi-annual analytics reports.

Cristela Garcia-Spitz

Tamara Rhodes

Martha Tenney

Shannon Walker

Trevor Watkins (Chair)

Chris Wydman (Co-Chair)