ASU Symposium Videos

Day 1 Morning Session

Documenting the Now (DocNow) Dialogue and activity: Learning from Communities (Jessica C. Neal and Micha Brodnax) 

Participants will identify personal and collective documentation creation habits, utilization, dissemination, and stewardship practices. The primary objective of the workshop is to facilitate a dialogue on record creation as a way Pop of evidencing and memorializing student activism—protests, experiences, social justice initiatives, and dissent.

Day 1 Afternoon Session


Keynote Speaker: Reyna Montoya, Founder and CEO of Aliento

Panel: Emerging Voices of Student Activism in Indigenous Communities Traditionally, student voices in the indigenous community have not been well represented in archival collections. How can we build relationships, increase trust and understanding, and perhaps empower indigenous students to capture their own histories? The focus of this panel will be to highlight these issues and hear first-hand from student activists in the ASU indigenous community.

Jeston Morris, Arizona State University

  • ASU-Turning Points Magazine Team:
  • Taylor Notah, Arizona State University
  • Danielle Lucero, Arizona State University
  • Ravenna Curley, Arizona State University
  • Brittany Gene, Arizona State University
  • Savannah Jacobs, Arizona State University
  • Alex Soto (moderator), Arizona State University

Performance-based presentation (Liaizon/AKA Alex Soto and a DJ)

Liaizon of Shining Soul will perform a hip-hop set that will highlight Indigenous perspectives of social justice activism and advocacy here in Arizona. This performance will speak to common themes felt within marginalized communities and highlight the struggles faced by these groups and how, through hip-hop, the voice of the marginalized can be heard.

Day 2 Morning Session

Panel: Archives as Activist Praxis in Arizona

Preserving diverse voices in community and institutional archives is a form of resistance against systemic oppression. This panel will focus on past and current student activism at ASU and in Arizona and how students at diverse levels of the educational pipeline are using archives to create and preserve counter-narratives.

  • Bryant Partida, University of California – Los Angeles
  • Myra Khan, Arizona State University
  • Denise Mosso Ruiz, Arizona State University
  • Dr. Pam Stewart (moderator), Arizona State University faculty

Panel: Representation and Overcoming Silences in University Archives

How can institutions better represent marginalized communities in University Archives collections? Given the mandate and mission of. University Archives (to capture the history of an institution), how can professionals support students as the creators and custodians of their own histories? This panel will feature presenters from several institutions and address issues related to University Archives and documenting student activism.

  • Rachael Zipperer, University of North Texas
  • Morgan Davis Gieringer , University of North Texas
  • Denise Mantay, Barnard College
  • Martha Tenney, Barnard College
  • Mariam Banahi, Johns Hopkins University
  • Sally Johnson, Oklahoma University
  • Shannon Walker (moderator), Arizona State University
Day 2 Afternoon Session

Panel: The Future of Community-Driven Archives in Arizona

Archivists and Community Archivists in Arizona are working to address issues of underrepresentation and exclusion in Arizona’s historical records. On this panel, speakers will address the work being done to develop community-driven archives around the state and the future of archival practice in Arizona.

  • Nancy Godoy, Arizona State University
  • Nicole Umayam, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public


  • Dinah Pongyesva, Hopi Public Library
  • Kenia Menchaca Lozano, Arizona State University
  • Sandra Solis, Arizona State University Alumna & Community


  • Jessica Salow (moderator), Arizona State University