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Project STAND Minutes

Phone Conference

September 12, 2017

11:02 a.m. – 12:23 p.m.


Present: Jessica Ballard, Tamar Chute, Helen Conger, Avery Daniels, Vic Fleischer, Erika Gorder, Sasha Griffin, Ken Grossi, Ruth Hodges, Lae’l Hughes-­‐Watkins, Jacky Johnson, Dina Kellam, Robby Luckett, Aprille McKay, Anna Trammell, Shannon Walker, Trevor Watkins, Chris Wydman

Absent: Eira Tansey, Heather Briston, David McCartney, Sammie L. Morris

  1. Meeting began with introductions @ 11:02 am from all participating institutions present at the meeting:
    Arizona State, Bowling Green, Case Western, Denison, Kent State , Jackson State, Miami University, Michigan, Oberlin, Ohio State University, Rutgers, South Carolina State, University of Akron, University Illinois, Wright State.
  2. Several new partners highlighted that a preponderance of potential collections for STAND are anti-­‐war, civil rights, black student union protests, with some significant collections in the area of LGBTQ, Chicano/a such as Arizona State.
  3. Growing areas of collection development include anti-­‐immigration, Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, and DACA Institutions such as Denison and the University of Michigan highlighted recent efforts to connect with current student organizations and to increase student engagement within archives.
  4. Hughes-Watkins revisited her impetus behind establishing STAND and early discussions of development with co-founder Chute at Ohio State.
  5. Sweetser summarized results from questionnaires distributed during June 16th Kick­‐off meeting with those recently completed by new members Please see attachment for details Sweetser highlighted key outcomes, concerns, and questions.
  6. Both Conger and Wydman agreed that the anti-­‐war option under themes might need additional categories or further descriptions. Both felt initial data shows the topics are very broad under anti-war.
  7. Wydman, Web Committee co chair, also asked that the survey tool require further clarification for collection size data Some participants include entire collection although relevant content/series may be only part of the collection.
  8. McKay asked for a timeline for completion of collection assessments and seeking grants Hughes-­‐Watkins stated that while collection assessments are entered on a rolling basis, the project aims to have a solid grouping of surveys from participating members by the end of November and plan to submit a grant by December or early next year.
  9. Grossi and Chute gave an update on behalf of the Communications Committee Grossi reported that he completed a draft of a press release, which is currently being reviewed by the remaining committee members Grossi indicated that STAND is sending out this press release to inform the profession of our efforts and to solicit additional members Potential outlets include SAA, ALAO, SOA, and Ohio History Connection Chute reported that the committee will be sending out invitations to more institutions and would appreciate any recommendations from the current membership.
  10. Fleischer, Grants Committee chair, shared that he has created a list of potential grants from IMLS, NHPRC, and NEH, while many of the deadlines have passed he will be meeting with the committee members to see what are viable options for next year and December of 2017.
  11. Ballard asked what STAND was doing to showcase their efforts, eg conferences, Hughes-­‐Watkins mentioned that she would be presenting at ALAO about STAND Ballard suggested the members consider participating in the National Council for History Conference.
  12. Watkins, Web Committee Co-chair, reminded institutions to submit bios, logos, and images for collections to be represented on web site Web committee will be uploading a new round of content in the next coming weeks and will send out deadlines for members.
  13. Chute will send out a DropBox invite to send photos.
  14. Trammell agreed to chair the Ethics committee The committee will address issues of privacy, communicating risks to activists, and being nimble to address arising issues, while working to engage current student activists.
  15. Hughes-Watkins reminded members to access their Slack invitation Slack will be the platform for communication between committees and project management.
  16. Discussion on locale for the in-­‐person meeting with members included SAA, MAC or Skyping A Doodle poll will be sent out.
  17. Hodges discussed concern for the potential of individuals or entities that may not want to be represented on STAND though collections exist with participating institutions It was agreed that Ethics committee would look into addressing a policy for STAND although protocols at participating institutions would be the first line of communication.
  18. Meeting adjourned by 12:23 p.m.