Archives 5/9/2017

Submitted by: Lae’l Hughes-­‐Watkins, University Archivist Kent State

Project STAND Minutes May 9, 2017 

(Present: Helen Conger, Ken Grossi, Eira Tansey, Lae’l Hughes-­‐Watkins) (Absent: Tamar Chute, Michelle Sweetser, Vic Fleischer, Jacky Johnson)

Sub-­‐Committee Web Update (Eira)

  • Eira gave a report from web sub-­‐committe The group recommended
  • The sub-­‐committee recommended the $100 or $300 tier. The $100 tier includes 13 GB and the $300 tier is
  • Helen and Ken will see if financial assistance can be provided for site via their respective institutions
  • Eira also recommended a free WordPress option
  • 1st week of June is the tentative deadline to get a web presence

Survey Update

  • There are a total of 52 survey responses. Lae’l and Helen will provide a report at June kick-­‐off m
  • Initial surveys show the following


Photographs represent 19.2 percent Manuscripts represent 76.9 percent Topics

African American 51.9 percent Global/International 28.8 percent

Other 59.6 percent

Women’s Rights 32.7 percent

  • OSU has completed their assessment
  • May 31, 2017 is the deadline for first round of assessments

June Kick-­‐Off Meeting

  • Tamar will be sending out box lunch options to everyone
  • Agenda will be sent out to participants week before (please send any agenda items to Lae’l)
  • Visitors via Skype will include (Bergis Jules, UCR University and Political Papers Archivist and Robert Luckett, Dir. Margaret Walker Center, Jackson State University)