Archives 1/31/2017

Project STAND
Meeting Minutes Submitted by Lae’l Hughes-­‐Watkins
January 31, 2017

Present: Michelle Sweetser, Vic Fleischer, Ken Grossi, Helen Conger, Lae’l Hughes-­‐ Watkins

Pre-­‐Assessment Survey discussed
All participating institutions (OSU, Oberlin, Cinn., CWRU, Kent, Akron, and Bowling Green) can engage in the on-­‐site survey.

Soft Deadline: May 31, 2017 to complete assessment of holdings highlighting student dissent/activism

Vic asked for clarification on goal of project.
Lae’l reminded the group to create an online clearinghouse of physical and digital collections highlighting student activism at universities and colleges in the state of Ohio. She also reiterated that it is up to the group to decide how far we would like to go.

Michelle stated that she sees the project in multiple phases, and that we should also acknowledge the grant field right now is a big question mark.

The group agreed that STAND should start in stages with a landing page of sorts that highlights content and provides links back to individual institutions and as time progresses create a centralized database.

Next Steps
Ken, Michelle and Lae’l agreed to start a “potential” sub-­‐committee to discuss resources available at each other’s institutions to build the site. Omeka was discussed as a potential platform.

Michelle added that the survey tool should include a section for url’s to link back to finding aids or digital collections.
Lae’l agreed to add to survey. Support for Project
Helen mentioned that the Social Justice Institute contacted her and she is looking forward to creating a partnership and sees STAND as a means of possibly dovetailing these two together…see what develops.

Ken discussed the possibility of Oberlin becoming a sanctuary campus and that a rep from their Multicultural Center asked to be kept posted about the development of STAND.

Lae’l said she would be sending out links on possible model sites for STAND to review.

Next meeting is scheduled in March, group discussed the possibility of meeting in person when weather permits (late spring or summer).

Group agreed for future meetings to be taped, so recordings can be shared with those who missed meeting and reference.