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Meeting minutes, December 7, 2016

On Call: Tamar Chute (OSU), Lae’l Hughes-Watkins (Kent), Kevin Grace (UC), Helen Conger (Case Western), Eira Tansey (UC), Nick Pavlik (for Michelle Sweetser – BGSU), Ken Grossi (Oberlin)

Political activism or other types?

Student activism – Oberlin has graduates who went on to participate as well as on campus

Kevin – would have to do a survey (UC) – Eira will be taking the lead on this; at UC last summer police shot and killed person off campus, in response to that and also to campus based movements a group of mostly black students (Irate 8) group started organizing on campus; succeeded in getting several commitments from University; met with leader to get collection and Twitter feed; lots of mistrust from students so engaging with the students; talked to students at other organizations; 2017 working on some of this anyway; priority is looking at what is being created now, not necessarily older material

Nick – BGSU – doing something similar, know it’s a need and need to be more proactive about it; have done some outreach to student orgs to try to document the student experience better on campus; especially the born digital material; not a ton of student voices represented in university archives; beyond having initial conversations, haven’t done collecting yet

Ken – Oberlin – help from alumni magazine a few years ago, interest in collecting civil rights material; have a digital collection on website; hoping to continue to build on it; thinking about digital collection but also have finding guides to physical collections as well; also working with current student organizations to continue

Helen – Western Reserve – trying to do more general outreach, do have documentation of earlier 1960s/70s anti-Vietnam War activism, not so much current; need to work with the student organizations

Lae’l explained how she came up with the idea

Ken – students of today look at the past

Sometimes student activism is a reaction to other student activism

Administration side of how react to students – UC/BSGU/Oberlin/OSU/Case

No specific time period for this project

Document the present, keep an eye out for international students; might want to watch what national trends in higher education in student activism (ie sanctuary campus movement); shape how we present more recent movements; clear we are including those trends

Google folder

Eira will talk to colleague about DPLA for digital material site

Tamar will find spreadsheet from OHC for WWI material as an example

Next step is creating a basic Excel sheet after Tamar pulls possible template to Helen – deadline for when we can get first round of material into the spreadsheet

“Documenting the Now” standards for social media