Archives 11/14/2017

Project STAND Minutes

Date: November 14, 2017

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Present: Lae’l Hughes-Watkins (Kent State University), Raquel Flores-Clemons (Chicago State), Eira Tansey (University of Cincinnati), Michelle Sweetster (Bowling Green State University), Shannon Walker (Arizona State University), Tamar Chute (Ohio State University), Trevor Watkins (Kent State University), Ken Grossi (Oberlin College), Vic Fleischer (University of Akron), Sammie Morris (Purdue University), Helen Conger (Case Western University), Jacky Johnson (Miami University), Aprille McKay (University of Michigan) , Anna Trammell (University of Illinois), Avery Daniels (South Carolina State University), Karen Walton Morse (University of Rhode Island), Chris Wydman (Wright State University), Dina Kellams (Indiana University)

  1. Lae’l Hughes-Watkins discussed new partners:
  • Chicago State (Raquel Flores Clemons)
  • Rhode Island University (Karen Walton Morse)
  • University Toledo (Sarah Mouch)
  • Ralph Bunche Center (Dalena Hunter)
  1. Ken Grossi provided an update on the press release. Partners were urged to share press release announcing project within their institutions. STAND communications committee will send out the press release to various profession-related media outlets at the end of November. (See press release). Tamar modified press release to allow institutions to customize press release as appropriate.
  2. Lae’l reminded partners that the deadline to complete collection assessment surveys to be included in first round of grant submissions is November 30, 2017. Partners were encouraged to continue to submit collection assessment surveys as they are able.
  3. Helen provided a report on the latest survey results. Please see summary.
  4. Lae’l reviewed committee’s and descriptions. Partners were asked to review committee’s and asked to choose an assignment.
  • Communications Committee

The overall objective of the Communications Committee is to provide effective channels for communicating information between members and other potential stakeholders.  Contribute consistent communication for purposes of recruitment, awareness, and branding.

  • Web Committee

Design and update STAND site by uploading minutes, presentations, blogs, collection assessment data, partnership profiles, etc and to inform advisory board of any technical needs and concerns pertaining to the maintenance and sustainability of the STAND site. Will also be responsible for providing bi-annual analytics reports.

  • Ethics Committee

Help ensure the ethical standards of Project STAND.  Make sure institutions are represented in accordance with each stakeholder’s policies and procedures.  To help provide and guide discourse pertaining to the ethical concerns impacting student activist groups and communities.

  • Grants Committee

The committee is charged with coordinating and executing grants with STAND’s designated fiduciary agent. Committee will be responsible for identifying, writing, and submitting proposals.

  • Student Engagement Committee

Will be charged with designing the goals and outcomes for engagement with student organizations/student activist communities as it relates to Project STAND. Will oversee the establishment of the Student Advisory Board.

  • Collection Assessment Committee (new)

Will be charged with providing a summary analysis of collection assessment surveys for STAND. Will generate monthly reports for general partnership meetings. Will coordinate with web committee for web content pertaining to partner’s collections.

  • Education (new)

Will oversee Project STAND’s outcomes relating to instruction, curricula, toolkits, for K-12, post secondary institutions, and other community stakeholders.

  • Programming Committee (new)

Members will identify and coordinate programming opportunities that will highlight or utilize STAND resources, e.g conferences, workshops, presentations, and instructional sessions.

  1. Reviewed next steps based on responses from questionnaires, which included adding more content to the site and promoting site amongst partners. Shannon Walker mentioned that STAND has prompted discussion about acquisitions at Arizona State University including those pertaining to Native American populations.
  2. Raquel Flores-Clemons asked if she could share Project STAND information at BMRC (Black Metropolis Research Consortium in Chicago) board meetings? Raquel noted that there are some overlaps and potential opportunities to connect with various Chicago organizations via the BMRC that hold records on student activism. It was agreed that this was a great idea!
  3. Lae’l discussed grant opportunities from IMLS (Leadership Planning grant) being reviewed with Jacky Johnson from the grants committee. A two-page proposal will be crafted and submitted by January/February 2018. Advisory Board discussed potential fiduciary responsibilities, three partners have identified willingness to take on that role but will need consultation with administration.
  4. Discussed that the introduction packets for new partners require updates, these suggestions were made during the advisory board meeting. Anna Trammell proposed adding a template for social media platforms, where new partners can customize and announce their participation in Project STAND via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Additionally, Michelle Sweetser recommended turning “outcome/next step” questionnaire into a Google survey to encourage more participation instead of a Word doc.
  5. Partners were asked to view site and provide feedback.
  6. Adjourned at 2: 15 EST