Archives 9/19/2018

Project STAND 2018 September 19 meeting notes


  • Lae’l W gave updates on conference changes, updates on website, web committee working on RSVP via Google Form


  • First symposium, will include three panels, including an Information professional panel. Working on catering (breakfast and/or lunch), finalizing A/V equipment and livestreaming included, waiting to get word about parking logistics from Sarah T.


  • Discussion around press release on first symposium


  • Tamara C. creating a listserv to make sure everyone is included, make sure everyone is getting consistent updates


  • Call for papers going out at the end of this month, theme is decided (activism in the age of social media), only choosing two papers, only one hour dedicated to paper presentations, submitting papers for abstracts, papers uploaded to Ohio State as IR (Ruth H., Sarah C and Shannon W. volunteered), criteria for papers?


  • Question about what kind of feedback will be provided from each symposium, will have a report after each symposium


  • Looking for a document that would have all of the dates of symposiums, primary will be Basecamp and also on blog, dates have changed from original narrative (Feb 21 Atlanta the only firm date at this point)


  • Primary planning committee Lae’l, Tamara and host site coordinator (Sarah for Atlanta)


  • Promoting the symposium with primary institutions, advertise on other listservs (SAA), Ken G. and Lae’l has piece coming out in Archival Outlook in September/October issue, launching Project STAND Twitter account, hashtag with our first symposium, suggest advertise to midwest archives conference (MAC, BPLA, SGA), happy to work with anyone that wants to present on behalf of Project STAND, Lae’l is willing to support/help


  • Offer to share list of 150 archival organizations that would be good for research, need to share with Communications Committee


  • Idea to reach out to campus radio stations to do an announcement about the symposium event


  • Discussion initiated by Chris W, on whether we are collecting all press releases? Are they gathered in one place? (Academic Archivist, Library Journal piece, need to add others) Give to the Web Committee to update


  • Adding materials to Basecamp, need a summarized version of our minutes for public view, how does everyone feel about the management of communication? Login on site so you don’t have to keep searching on emails for links to minutes, documents, etc.



  • Chris W. povided an update on surveys, completed collection summaries for all surveys (32 institutions), majority also have featured photo and collection if they were available, did not do highlights when only a couple of collections were submitted, checking for additional submissions periodically


  • Trevor W. is working on login option, building an intranet, working on it over the next couple of days, sending out password info to each archivist representing an institution, public facing information vs. internal information, also discussed live streaming each symposium and putting that on the website, working on RSVP form on website and call for papers, adjustments to primary navigation on the site, also updates about the symposium and adding an RSS option, working on collection by institution/chronology and more data visualization and infographics


  • Suggestion for other host institutions hosting symposia— share information as soon as possible (like parking, nearby restaurants, hotel, etc.), suggestios waa to start building those pages now, send directly to Trevor


  • Question about possibly having event on a Saturday for the sake of parking (campus with limited parking options)? Comment that keeping it during the week might help student involvement if commuting campus, will be up to each individual institution



  • Functioning as the program committee for the panel part of the conference, but not the solicitation of papers, looking for more members, meeting twice a month probably for the rest of the year, let people know if you have suggestions for talent, local is preference for cost but non-local voices are okay too, keep people on the panel for future sites, putting list together of people focused on this topic


  • Host sites share your draft list even if you have not confirmed, want to know how it is shaping up



  • Helen C. submitted report to Lae’l, 308 total surveys from 32 institutions, Texas A&M most recent, looked at numbers 1 year ago, Helen said 99 surveys, all but 16 from Ohio institutions. Convesation on creating a disclaimer to contact institution directly with specific information because there may be updates to surveys/collections/lists, also changes are made to materials submitted (processed, digitized, etc.)


  • Microgrants for people coming from out of town for each Symposium


  • Email Lae’l if you have any other updates or questions