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Project STAND Minutes

Date: June 12, 2018


Meeting Minutes 
Present: Tamar Chute (OSU), Lae’l Hughes-Watkins (Kent State) Zach Brodt (Pitt) Amy McDonald (Duke), Dina Kellam (Indiana), John Bence (Emory), Jarrett M. Drake (Harvard PhD Candidate), Michelle Sweetser (BGSU), Helen Conger (Case Western), Tamara Rhodes (San Diego), Nicholas Graham (UNC), Karen Morse (University Rhode Island) Trevor Watkins (Kent State) , Katie Nash (Wisconsin)

— New Members (Introductions)

Katie Nash Wisconsin, University Archivist and head of the University of Wisconsin Archives

Nash discussed that she recently started at UWA (University Wisconsin Archives). Also discussed attempts to observe different student organizations and how might their records be captured. She shared that joining Project STAND seemed like a good move as she begins to investigate the long history of student activism on campus.

Zach Brodt, University Archivist at University of Pittsburgh

Brodt shared that he joined STAND because he is actively working to collect and promote collections on student activism/student organizations—3 years ago, began efforts. He has done work on the history of their Black Action Society—the 50-year anniversary. He said alumni have been important toward making a robust collection.

Grant Update

Lae’l Hughes-Watkins reiterated that IMLS grant was complete and reminded members that documents were shared and to review for any questions. She thanked all the members that were involved in completing and reviewing the grant.

Eira Tansey (Cincinnati) shared that the Student Engagement Committee was convening a meeting on June 25th @ 2:00 p.m. Tansey said the group will discuss what they can start doing now while the group waits for the status of the grant—and anyone interested in joining the call could so.

Educational Resources—Hughes-Watkins (Kent) mentioned that the Educational Committee would be tapped to begin formalizing ideas for educational resources and asked if any other members were interested in joining the committee—asked in what ways can the collections highlighted be integrated into possible curricula for secondary and post-secondary institutions.

SAA Meet-up Hughes-Watkins reminded everyone that there is still a meeting planned at SAA on August 16th from 5-7 p.m. A location was being secured and would be shared at next meeting.

Tamar Chute (OSU) said vendors open 5:30 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. and suggested that SKYPE might be another option for those who may not be able to attend


Committee Updates

Web Committee

Trevor Watkins shared minutes from June 7th meeting with Tamara Rhodes (UC San Diego) Cristela Spitz (UC San Diego) and Chris Wydman (Wright State). For more, please read attachment below.

Project STAND Web Committee Agenda and Notes

Collection Assessment Update

Helen Conger provided a Collection Assessment update, please read in attachment below.


Communications Committee

Hughes-Watkins announced that Connecticut College had expressed interest. She also asked if the group was ready to start sharing out results from collection assessment forms publicly beyond the website via a blog, Twitter, etc.

Tamara Rhodes (UC San Diego) suggested group utilize the site’s current blog function to discuss collection assessment surveys and to generate a form where members can decide to sign up for a blog post—perhaps highlighting their collections submitted to STAND or other relevant topics.

Next Steps

Will be presenting at Web Archiving (SAVE Methodology and will highlight on site with questions for archivist during outreach and appraisal process—will inquire about additional items from the group

Additional updates/questions

Nash asked for a list of committees that are available to join. Hughes-Watkins stated she would send a link to Nash for her review.

Conger shared that Case Western University will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of the Afro-American society—homecoming Alumni weekend. They will be doing an article about the society and will be interviewing some of the earlier members and leaders.


Hughes-Watkins stated that perhaps at the end of each meeting members be allowed to share pertinent updates that would be of interest to the group.


Meeting adjourned @ 3:20 p.m.